Wonser Woods Estate

24250 S. Raney Ln

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  • 4 out of 5 Went here for a wedding. It's a gorgeous location off of a gravel road. The reason why I rate it as 4 stars, though, is because of the wasps. They are great for the surrounding rose gardens, but not so great when you are trying to not get stung. One person did, and the staff did not have a first aid kit to help - it was up to the bride, which I thought was odd. Overall, great place if you want to go to a place in the middle of nowhere, but expect there to be wasps everywhere and to fight them off when you try to eat outside. by Dzzy Dub
  • 5 out of 5 Had the pleasure of being day-of coordinator for a family wedding this past Sunday, and we cannot thank Jean and Mark enough! It was hot, low 90s, but this team has manicured their space to create ample shade to counter the heat! We had ceremony start around 4:15, and the ceremony space was mostly shaded, and guests were warm but not uncomfortable! The tent provided shade on the 4 lawn tables we set up, and was perfect for dance floor space. The house is amazing, and I recommend the bridal party stay overnight, where available, as they offer B&B services, with comfy rooms for all. The honeymoon suite is HUGE, perfect for the newlyweds to unwind. The sunset views and golden hour photos are what wedding dreams are made of. A wonderful venue for a summer Oregon outdoor wedding, cannot thank the Wonsers enough!!! by Jenny Koll
  • 4 out of 5 Went there for a wedding. Quite nicely off the beaten path in a beautiful secluded area with views of mount Hood and the surrounding area. Food was quite basic. The whole exterior was plagued by wasps, which I know is great for the plants, but not ideal for an outdoor event. Someone was stung and the staff had no first aid for stings, which seemed a bit odd (fortunately the bride did). Still, it's nature, so it's hard to be to upset about elements they can't really control. Four stars for location; one star off for being secluded and unprepared for bee stings with wasps everywhere. by Adam N. Webber
  • 4 out of 5 It was a great Wedding set on the evening of June 16th. Everything was awesome. Only suggestion would be for them to invest in a kegarator. The beer was pouring with 4-5 inches of foam until one of the guests turned up the CO2. It was also not in a large enough container to keep the keg cold enough. Other than that, the venue was amazing! Beautiful grounds, tables, chairs, pergola, house and on lots of land. by Jennifer Garren
  • 1 out of 5 We were set to have our big day April 14th, 2018 at Wonser Woods. Within the contract it said we would be able to use the tent, even though the wedding was a couple of weeks before the "summer" season. 8 days before the wedding we were told that they had no intention of setting it up, despite what was written and agreed upon. Their solution to not fulfilling the contract was to offer us an additional $300 with our security deposit, provided we give them a positive review on wedding wire. After a few condescending emails, we had to let all 200 of our guests know that we would be changing venues 8 days before the wedding. It was a brides nightmare. We are fortunate enough to have amazing friends that let us use their property, and we didnt let this obstacle ruin our big day! The one positive thing was that Wonser woods refunded us all the money we had paid within 24 hours, once it was clear that they were in breach of contract. Brides/buyer beware when considering this venue. by Rebecca Schrammen